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Nursery teachers training 2 years certificate / diploma courses

Pre-primary school education (NTT) is the program that mainly focuses on the holistic development of a child it helps to promote the professional skills and personal characteristics which helps them to teach the preschool going children. In the training the students are teach to understand the child psychology .personality development creativity and social responsibility. During the training the students are regular to take practical experience and child oriented workshops After this course the students can get self employed by opening the play center , craft center , nursery & primary schools teachers ,instructors of audio visual Education technologist for preparations of children’s education materials etc. this course has no links with NCTE.


NTT 2 years certificate/ Diploma course.
Pre primary school education & management.
Job oriented – self employment course.

1st year
1. principal of early childhood care & education.

2. child psychology & child Development. 

3. method of teaching

4. Health education & Nutrition   

5. general Hindi / English. 

6. art & craft


1.   Lesson plan

2.   Case study

3.   Visit to school

4.   Educational visits & seminar

2nd year

1. Principal of education (nursery  school) 

2. school organization & management

3. complete teacher work

4. environmental educations

5. general Hindi /  English. Communication skills

6. mathematics/general studies.              


1.  subject file

2.   project

3.   Visit to school

4.   story & poem with action


There is an internal as well as external evaluation for certification as per details given below
Theory              100 marks each subject
Practical           400 marks

Job opportunities : wage employment teachers on demand in C.B.S.E/I.C.S.E affiliated
Schools , Army schools D.P.S ,K.V.S & All other recognized school.


Early Childhood Care and Education

These days the demand for pre-school education has increased tremendously .early childhood care and education (ECCE) As well as early childhood education (ECE) in mostly offered in the unorganized sectors most of these institution in the country are run by individuals private bodies and NGOs. By and large , personnel associated with these institutions are found to be under –qualified and untrained . therefore there is pressing need to provided opportunities to these personnel for adequate vocational Training . since they are unable to join regular institution it is necessary to provide required orientation and training through open and distance learning system .


The objectives of the ECCE course are:
  1. 1 to develop understating of the foundation of pre-school education .
  2. 2 to develop understating of growth and development in early childhood (0-6 yrs.)
  3. 3 to develop skills to manage an early childhood care and education center .
  4. 4 to enable working effectively with parents and community for education of preschool children .

job opportunities

  1. 1 helper at an early childhood care and education (ECCE) center or at an early childhood education (ECE) center .
  2. 2 worker at an early childhood care and education (ECCE) center or at an early childhood education (ECE) center.
  3. 3 Self employment opportunities : can set up his / her own ECCE/ECE center ,play center crash center .

Entry qualification : 10th class pass from a recognized board .


The ECCE course comprises of the following three subject :

  • understanding the child
  • early childhood care and education – principal and processes
  • organizing and managing an early child hood care and education center

There is internal as well as external evaluation for certification as per details given below
Theory                              -                              70 marks of each subject
Practical                           -                              30 marks of each subject
the practical work will be evaluated internally and externally .     

fashion designing

Cutting ,Tailoring ,Dress making & Embroidery

actual art & creation works together with the combination of these two ready garment industry is coming up with its high fly in global market the ready made garment industry plays a very important role in clothing a very large part of Indian population and we see the ever changing styles of fashion are becoming more & more diversified and subject to periodic modification . Every garment may be designed and marked but before they need to be produced so here we come to build such special quality in our students these type of course help each and every man and woman to develop its personal as well as professional front .

to be successful in this field besides being creative it is important to have the latest information on existing market trends ! pricing supply and demands .the course help to develop a command on both creative and technical skill .due to the tremendous growth experienced by the apparel sector we see a rise in the employment opportunities like pattern marker pattern cutter and graders quality controller , production manager .a trained person can be employed by stores , television stations etc . or can open their own garment units.
This course will help the students to get self employment by organization their own garments units working as fashion coordinator designers or pattern makers quality controllers ,supervisors etc.



1. Cutting & Tailoring

2. Dress making           


1.   Basic design

2.   Apparel design  

3.   Fashion art

4.   Commercial pattern making

5.   Drafting & Adaption

6.   Garments design

7.   Personality development

8.   Project work

Computer teachers training

Computer has become an important part of human life .computer is the much intrusting subject and teaching with cam make very effective and enhance skills. This course gives opportunity to students to develop their personality & teaching skills and stand them different form ordinary computer literates .students would be provide in this course thorough knowledge of computer starting form basic to advance level the course also contains that how to teach a child . this course will help the students to become a batter teacher in the field of computer and can get a better job in computer institution school colleges etc.




1. Fundamentals of computers

2. Motivation & students psychology

3. Networking concepts

4. Method of teaching & English communication skills. 


1.   Fundamentals of computer

2.   Chart file & project  

3.   Window

4.   Ms office

5.   Personality development

6.   Page maker

7.   Corel draw   

8.   Photoshop

9.   Internet

10. Tally

Job opportunities :

After passing through this course students can go for self employment or wage employment they can find the job of a data entry operator junior programmer /assistant, software technician or any other computer related job.

Food processing

In this day and age it has become inoperative to process and preserve the food being product in one particular area In order to make it available to people in order areas this has given rise to a very important industry of food processing which is being done on a large scale as well as on a small scale i.e., as a cottage industry it as thus become necessary to train personnel to set up and run these enterprise


Duration : one year
Entry qualification : 10th pass
Job opportunities :

  1. 1. wage employment

(A)   as a worker in a food processing unit
(B)   as a trainer / teacher .
2. self employment
(A)     as a owner of a small food processing unit .

Baking and Confectionary

It is a great delight to be able to bake delicious cake & pastries . all it needs is a bit of skill and training to be able to do this . baking is an art which dose not need a lot of heavy infrastructure and one can easily start earning with a small unit at home .



After going through this course the students will be able to

  1. develop skill in various baking procedures .
  2. know various kinds of ingredients used in baking
  3. have working knowledge of equipments needed for baking
  4. Start a small bakery  unit at home

  1. self employment
  2. Set up a bakery at home
  3. Wage employment

as a worker /baker in bakery /to get a job in senior secondary school as tread teacher .

1 year course                                                  qualification : 8th pass

Certificate in Interior Designing

interior decoration & designing is the important part of house this is the most upcoming profession of modern time which helps in gains of monetary & society . the course will helpful to create the skills , knowledge of technical details to design the interiors of houses , shops, offices, public places etc.

job opportunities :

this course will be helpful in getting the employment as a interior designer in the fields of furniture industry & furniture showrooms , large commercial establishments, hotels etc. as well as a interior design consultant


COURSE DURATION : 1 year course                                                  Entry qualification : 10+2


Yoga Teachers Training


COURSE DURATION : 1 year Diploma Course                                                  Entry qualification : 10+2 (Intermediate)